What’s it like to go to school here?

In a boarding school environment, 学生们在学校醒来, (大部分)在学校吃饭, 和 do everything together with classmates. But bt365亚洲版体育在线 is about more than just academics — it’s a close-knit community focused on having fun 和 educating the whole self — body, 心, 和灵魂.


Off-campus activities are offered regularly throughout the year to promote social interaction, 文化接触, 和有趣的! 可能是去看电影, 打保龄球, 餐厅, 咖啡店, 指甲沙龙, 戏剧, 或者客座讲座. And many students also join in trips for community service activities like the local Backpack Ministry, assisting at the local elementary school, 人类家园, SPCA, 和女孩, 公司. (举几个例子!).



There are more than 40 on-campus clubs to participate in, 包括辩论社, 新兴领袖, 青年组织, 天文俱乐部, 国际象棋俱乐部, E-gaming俱乐部, 和更多的. Additional clubs spring up each year according to student interests, so if you’ve got an idea for a new one, 让我们知道!



Every Wednesday night here on The Hill is abuzz with activity, 与学生, 教师, 和 staff coming together for Warrior Wednesday. Each week students choose from a unique 和 ever-changing list of activities to try out—from cooking class to corn hole. It’s not only a chance to get out of the dorms 和 connect with your community, but also to explore different hobbies 和 learn new skills. Our focus on connection 和 community-building—和有趣的!—is just one thing that makes Oak Hill special.



We offer a full range of athletic outlets, from formal athletics teams such as wrestling, 网球, 足球, 马术, 排球, 和, 当然, 篮球, to informal team sports like flag football 和 3-on-3 篮球. Students can participate in other physical activities like hiking, 欢呼, 跳舞, 骑自行车, 骑马远足, 以及与水有关的活动. There also are clubs for 彩弹射击, fishing, 和 skiing 和 snowboarding. A variety of intramural sports are offered, including kickball 和 dodgeball.



国会山的艺术生机勃勃! Students also find their passions outside of class with a strong visual art program that exhibits students’ work in the local community, 演奏音乐的机会, 和一个戏剧俱乐部. 我们有吉他之类的课, 画, 和绘画, 和 lots of art-related clubs students can join, with everything from books 和 baking to a student newspaper.

The Environmental Literacy Initiative

The Environmental Literacy Initiative (ELI) helps students develop a deeper underst和ing of ecology, 气象学, 天文学, 和 other biological 和 environmental studies through experiential learning 和 service. Events 和 projects like tagging fish for national science databases, implementing a weather station on campus, 和 tracking annual monarch butterfly migrations give students a chance to practice h和s-on learning outside of the classroom.


Wedged between the end of the school day 和 the start of after-school activities is usually a stop at the 校友 Campus Store. The store serves as a hub, similar to a student union on a college campus. Students gather under a covered porch for conversation, banter, 和 snacks. Inside, there are pictures 和 signatures of alumni surrounding stools 和 cafe tables. A big spot for OHA community, the campus store is the heartbeat of the student body.

Do students wear school uniforms?

Yes, during the academic day, students wear “学校的衣服” — navy or khaki pants, shorts, plaid skirts, polo shirts, 和 pullovers. Students wear their own “relaxed” clothing (e.g., 牛仔裤, 汗, 和 T-shirts) during non-academic hours, 和 wear “Sunday Dress” (jackets 和 ties for boys, skirts 和 sweaters for girls) for worship atten跳舞 和 special functions. All school uniform items (including shoes 和 a winter coat) are purchased during the admissions process 和 are distributed on campus during orientation.



Some Saturdays have a half-day of classes (which leaves space for longer breaks for students to travel home between semesters). 周六不上课的时候, students relax in the dorms; engage in on-campus activities like flag football, 彩弹射击, 和 pool tournaments; participate in 和 欢呼 on classmates at athletic events; hang out together during campus socials; or go “off hill” on special activity trips for volunteering, 环境实地工作, 电影, or other activities in the community. On Sunday we have church atten跳舞 in the morning, 和 the afternoon is free to rest 和 prepare for the week to come.


7:00 a.m. – Hit snooze 和 then head to the shower to get ready for the day
8:00 a.m. – Gather for breakfast in school uniform
8:30 a.m. -晨会
8:45 a.m. -开始上课
12:20 p.m. – First lunchtime in the dining hall
12:55 p.m. -下午课程
3:35 p.m. – Head back to the dorms to change before practice (for your sport, music group, school play, etc.) or meet with teachers for extra help
4:00 p.m. – Meet up with friends for a quick snack at the campus store
4:30 p.m. – Head to the 足球 field for an ultimate Frisbee game with Mr. Butt(or to a local restaurant for 和 early dinner, or 网球, or the barn for a trail ride, etc.)
6:00 p.m. -在餐厅用餐
7:00 p.m. – Catch a 排球 game or 篮球 game in the gym
8:30 p.m. – Quiet hours — everybody returns to their dorms for some downtime to settle in for the night — cooking, 洗衣, 淋浴, or whatever they like to do to unwind, followed by Study Time — Individual, 核准小组研究, or sign up for Peer Tutoring in dining hall
10:30 p.m. -低年级学生熄灯! Zzzzzz……

10:30 p.m. -老年人熄灯!